Dr Vivian Long

Scott is a great personal trainer: He has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and is fully qualified: completely competent and totally trustworthy to take proper care of you. He will watch you carefully when you train and places great emphasis on correct technique to avoid injuries. He will listen to your personal goals thoughtfully, and do his utmost to help you achieve them.

He will offer nutrition guidance, and if you wish he will design an eating plan with full reference to any diet you may already be following. He knows much about food and cooking, and will prevent a ‘ diet ’ from being boring.

The huge advantage with training with Scott is that he has considerable life experience, which gives him a very special insight into life in general. He has a great personality and has a genuine warmth and kindness, and is ready and willing to give emotional support when needed. On top of all this, he has a wicked sense of humour and can always find some way to make my training sessions enormous fun!

Scott has helped me through some pretty rough patches. He has never given up on me, treating me as he does all his clients, with concern and respect.

Lorraine Humberstone

At 42 years old I can honestly say I have tried every diet possible, every pill, potion and anything else you can think of!!! My weight has yo-yoed and I have a wardrobe for every size from 12 to 18!! Along with the diets, I have had several gym memberships with lovely shiny membership cards that have had a safe place in my purse and I believe were used once.

January 2014 I was at my lowest, no self belief and definitely no confidence. I work in a mainly female environment and we all know how bitchy us women can be!! So after being told at the works Christmas party ‘you really shouldn’t have worn that’ and then a week later told ‘you get bigger every time I see you’ something needed to be done. After an emotional call to my partner he took things into his own hands and by the time I came home I had an appointment to see Scott the next day.

That was the day my life changed. No longer is my head down, am I fidgety or embarrassed of myself. For the first time in my life I love exercise and I believe I can do anything I choose to do. Scott has helped me see its not about how much I weigh, its about how I feel about myself. I have never met someone with so much knowledge, enthusiasm, energy and motivation. Training with Scott is so much more than someone telling you which exercise to do next; he listens to what you need, genuinely cares and is at the end of the phone if you need him. I have to warn you though he has some kind of weird ninja/jedi thing going on coz he always knows when I have gone off track with my food!!!

Scott Davies has not only given me back my confidence, self belief and more motivation than I have ever had but most importantly my KNEES!!!! I could never recommend Scott highly enough; he really does put the ‘Personal’ into Personal Trainer.

Anything is possible (including becoming a JEDETTE!!!)

Dr Ismene Gizelis

I have had Scott as a trainer for four years and he has truly exceeded my expectations. When I first started training I wanted to build more strength and endurance, Scott listened to my goals and designed a plan, which he discussed with me. I was able to see results quite soon.

During this time I also encountered a serious health problems. Scott has been very helpful and supportive using his expertise as a former paramedic. He helped me continue training, which was necessary to maintain a good physical condition despite my medical problems.

I highly recommend Scott as personal trainer.

Kerry Spencer

Well what can I say? Until I met Scott I was never really religious. I had never thought much about heaven or hell. God or the devil. However, I now know there is a higher force. Scott Davies is the devils son. I swear at time I can see two little horns protruding from his smiley head.

In all honesty, this cocky evil man has totally changed my perception on fitness. I began training wit Scott to look physically better. However as time has passed it has become much more than just aesthetics, when I am stressed, he calms my mind and when I am down he makes me smile.

I used to hate the gym. I cringed when walking in. I felt self-conscious whilst I was there and I walked out wondering why on earth I had bothered. My perception has now totally changed. Scott makes you feel damn good about yourself he gives you encouragement, self-confidence, esteem and the motivation to keep returning.

This is what fitness should be all about.

If it was not for this man, who I now call my friend, I would have given up a long time ago. I am now seeing results and I actually even enjoy it.

Dr S Namazy

I first started to train with Scott back in 2009 and it has been a great journey. I have gained knowledge in the correct way of training and motivation to reach my goals.

Scott is really a gem and I am very grateful for the training sessions we have and the friendship we have established.

Val Klootwijk

Last year I decided to book a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This was one of my life's ambitions and I felt ready to meet the challenge. However, I knew that I would need to increase my stamina and general fitness in order to not only have a chance of making the summit but to enjoy doing it. I had always tried to keep fit and used to attend the gym on a sporadic basis but now I knew that I would need to set up a regular exercise programme. I started to go to the gym 3 times a week but the crunch came when one evening I actually turned around and went home again even before I got there! By this time I was committed to my trip and knew that I needed something to motivate me and make me want to exercise. I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer.

I had seen Scott around the gym and liked his approach to training so I booked a course of sessions with him. My trip was costing me a great deal of money and failing to reach the summit was not an option so any money paid out on training was well worth the expense. From day 1 Scott inspired me to train properly and to enjoy it. I actually looked forward to my training sessions and Scott became a friend as well as a trainer. He taught me not to be obsessed with losing weight but to change my body shape and tone up. He also made me realise that much of what I wanted to achieve would be a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Scott made me look at things from an entirely different angle – an example would be all the exercises that he set which would involve keeping only one leg on the floor at a time. As he said “when walking you only ever have one foot on the floor at a time”. I found that I was also doing exercises that I had never thought to do before and exercising because much more fun.

The biggest benefit that I gained from my training sessions was being able to see for myself the changes in my stamina and fitness. My recovery rate became much quicker and I also managed to carry on even though my mind was screaming at me to stop. This proved invaluable to me on my trip as sheer willpower got me there and I knew that my body could take the pounding that it was getting.

I did get to the top and Scott was one of the first people whom I showed my summit photo. To me he helped to get me there and I would encourage anyone who has a specific challenge ahead to train with him.

Thanks Scott