New Years Resolution

With the start of another New Year thrust upon us, I am sure many of you will be taking on one of the most popular New Years resolutions, to fight the flab and get in shape. So why at the start of another New Year are we are all so concerned with getting in shape?

At present, we are all being bombarded with facts and figures about how exercise can improve our lives and enable us to handle all that modern life throws at us. Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease. The fitter the individual, the healthier they are. A regular exercise programme will go a long way towards addressing these difficulties and, in many cases, lowering the health risks that we have come to accept as part of our everyday lives, such as coronary heart disease, one of the country's biggest killers!

Exercise can also provide the additional benefits of increased energy, stamina and reduce the risk of injury, to name but a few, giving you nothing but a good reason to start making exercise a part of your life.

Most of us are becoming aware of these issues, however having the personal motivation and knowledge to get up and start this new daunting challenge can be quite understandably difficult.

As a Personal Trainer, I can give you a head start in achieving the fitter, healthier lifestyle that you want, making it that little bit easier to tackle all that life throws at you.

With so much conflicting information to “digest” and a new food scare every week, eating wisely is becoming more and more difficult. A poor or inadequate diet can have a negative effect, as well as a long-term effect on your health and well being.

Knowing that you need to improve your fitness and diet is one thing, but having the motivation and determination to actually go out and do it is another thing, and that's where I come in. It is one area where people frequently fail to realise their true potential. I can suggest strategies, which will help you to motivate yourself in committing to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. I will also teach you how to exercise correctly and safely, whether in the comfort of your home or a small private gym.

If any of this information interests you, then please feel free to contact me for any further details.