Food Diary

Dissatisfied with your weight?

Every day we hear scare stories in the media concerning the weight of the UK nation. Whether it is size zero or obesity, this kind of news can be frightening and confusing.

Q: Is it better to eat a low-carb diet or a high protein diet?
Q: Should we be physically active, 2, 3 or 5 times a week?
Q: Should we feast or fast to help our metabolism?

Without the correct answers to these questions we can easily lose the motivation and knowledge to train and exercise, especially when our lives are so busy and hectic.

So why not click on the link below to go to a printable version of a weekly food diary. With this you can simply log down all that you eat and drink for the week and see yourself how much or little your really eating! Then when you decide you would like some extra help. I have got all of your good and bad habits to hand. It couldn't be more convenient, so why not give it a try, just click below:

Weekly Food Diary